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The aim of Venice Wine and Food is the creation of an innovative promotional model for the area, working through the aggregation, harmonization and interaction of the activities concerning different sectors, such as culture, art, tradition and local products. To achieve this goal we must look beyond the single sectors in themselves and share experiences to create value, whilst respecting the individuality of each branch. Venice Wine and Food aims to identify new business areas, and to evolve communication in an integrated way so to enhance the image of the territory. Also, we whish to make the most of the heritage of events and initiatives already present in the area.
Venice Wine and Food presents an articulated and steadily-growing structure, able to produce and provide innovative services and features, with a special focus on the enhancement of the increasingly wide range of products and services dedicated to the world of wine, and in general for agribusiness and tourism. Venice Wine and Food offers a promotion model that can be extended to all economic sectors in the area of Eastern Veneto region, becoming this way a strategic asset for the area’s development, by way of using a new brand linked to the reputation of Venice. In addition to the promotion of the territory and its local products, Venice Wine and Food offers innovative projects for training, information, workshops and local marketing.