Among the typical products of the Venice lagoon and the Venetian hinterland there are flavours of sea and land. Quality agri-food products that have conquered even the international markets and the most demanding palates.

Montasio Dop (Protected Designation of Origin, quality label for salami and dairy products)

Cooked-curd cheese, semi-hard, compact, proves to be a versatile cheese in the three degrees of maturation. The fresh kind, with at least two months of seasoning, has a soft and delicate taste. The semi-mature version, with 5 to 10 months of seasoning, has a stronger and fuller taste, while the matured one, with over 10 months of ageing, acquires particularly aromatic hints, but without an excessive spiciness. A cheese like the “Montasio”, due to its versatility and its three different maturation degrees, can find a place at the table at any time. In fact, even before the table time, along with appetizers. Another characteristic product is the “Imbriago” (drunk): Montasio cheese or “Latteria” (it’s a cheese so common in the Treviso region that it’s named like the place of production, the “dairy”) that is put in brine with must, or under still-hot marc for at least a week, before being dried and then matured for at least two months.

Venetian focaccia bread

In the Veneto region there is no Easter without “focaccia”, a traditional cake that can also take the form of a “dove”, made of course with the same type of dough. It’s an Easter bread enriched with various ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, yeast and eggs. The origin of this cake is still shrouded in legend, but it seems that the idea of this “sweet bread” came to a ancient bakery from Treviso: he worked his bread dough with butter, eggs and honey (sometimes almonds) until got a sweet soft and light cake, with which he gifted its customers during the Easter celebrations. It is a complex cake that requires a long leavening, with appropriate pauses, to obtain in the end a very soft and light dough, that for a finishing touch will be glazed with a mixture of eggs, peeled almonds, (generally chopped, but also divided in half), and granulated sugar.

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